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Digitale Building Solutions

With smart and intelligent technology and Internet of Things (IoT), we offer tailored digital building services for monitoring, evaluation and optimization of building operations.

Embedding sensor data in the building design or Building Information Modeling (BIM) framework offers a wide range of possibilities. On the one hand, the data can be related to each other and on the other hand to relevant benchmarks or planning values. For example:

  • Energy consumption
  • Room temperatures
  •  air quality

can be identified, evaluated and beneficially influenced by building owners and users during the entire building life cycle.

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Today and in the future, our lives are becoming increasingly digital, connected and smarter.  To accompany you profitably in this transformation, we have developed IoT cloud based building services for you.

These smart and intelligent building automation solutions and services provide key insights into your building operations by monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address inefficiencies in the building.

Building automation solutions and services designed by our building automation experts bring many benefits to users and operators:

  • They optimize operations and benefit from cost savings.
  • They conserve resources and increase the sustainability of the building.
  • They offer users a modern, attractive and pleasant environment.
  • They significantly improve control and safety processes in the building.

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For the energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and economy of your building, we offer you our know-how starting from the planning, consulting, monitoring, operation and preventive and predictive maintenance.

  • Below our digital service offer:
  • Efficient lighting with constant light control
  • Energy saving with controlled sun protection
  • The digital addressable lighting interface (DALI)
  • Energy saving through room automation, presence-dependent and daylight control
  • Visualization in building services engineering

Energy monitoring and optimization service to monitor the energy consumption and malfunctions of your systems.

Take advantage of the potential of digitalization and let us improve the performance of your building over its entire life cycle.

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Small measures with a big impact: regular maintenance and checks alone, without directly modernizing building operations and systems, can quickly lead to initial energy savings.

Let us network your building and link your technology to our digital services solutions. This allows us to provide you with customized services for remote troubleshooting or modernization of your systems at low cost.

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Every building is unique, as are the people who use it, and therefore need to be protected by different risks and hazards.

We assist in the planning of new buildings and advise on the aspects to be considered in building security. Individual security concept, wishes and conditions are taken into account as well.

With the building system, system solutions of door, window and security technology from EPB-CONSULTING can be integrated into the building security and control.

It takes over the simultaneous monitoring of:

  • automatic door systems
  • door closers on fire and smoke doors
  • window operators for smoke and heat extraction, as well as for daily ventilation
  • escape route systems and panic locks
  • Third-party products (e.g. lighting controls)

Smart technology for building operations, cost savings and improved working conditions


Smart automated hospital building operation makes valuable contributions to the recovery-promoting environment for patients, because it can:

  • Energy savings through room automation, occupancy-based and daylight control
  • Realize visualization for preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Control temperatures and humidity
  • Monitor indoor air quality and CO2 levels
  • Increase productivity and improve care

With the wealth of experience of our experts, measures to increase energy efficiency, working conditions and comfort for users and employees of your hospital are identified and derived.

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Unsere Servicemitarbeiter und Partner unterstützen Sie sowohl remote als auch vor Ort  bei der Umsetzung von Optimierungsmaßnahmen, sowie dem nachhaltigen Betrieb. Gemeinsam entwickeln wir mit Ihnen die Zukunft.

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Would you make your buildings more secure, economical and efficient through Building Automation, Digital Building Maintenances Services, Sustainable Energy Supply? Then get in touch with us.

We have more than 15 years of experience in making buildings as efficient and comfortable as possible. And it is this experience that helps us to find and exploit the hidden potential in your building data.