Up to 25 % saving througth


Individual measures are refurbishment measures to increase the efficiency of your  house.

For these individual measures, grants can be awarded via BAFA or the project can be financing from the saving or a third.

  • Individual measures on the building envelope
  • Plant technology (except heating)
  • Heat generation systems (heating technology)
  • Heating optimization
  • Integration of solar  solutions to supply lighting or for heating water
  • Smart living
  • Expert planning and construction supervision in connection with at least one refurbishment measure

Promoted measures at the


  • Insulation of the building envelope (of exterior walls, roof surfaces, floor ceilings and floor surfaces), as well as renewal/refurbishment of curtain walls
  • Replacement of windows, exterior doors and gates
  • Summer thermal insulation through replacement or first-time installation of exterior sun protection devices with optimized daylighting

The minimum eligible investment volume is 5000 euros (Max).

The saving is Up to 30 percent included subsidy.

Subsidized measures for

Heating optimization

All measures to optimize the heating distribution system in existing buildings will increase the efficiency, as well the life cycle of building  and reduce up to 30 percent the operating cost

  • hydraulic balancing of the heating system, including adjustment of the heating curve
  • the replacement of heating pumps as well as the adjustment of the flow temperature and the pump capacity, measures for the reduction of the return temperature in building networks in the sense of the guidelines
  • in the case of a heat pump, also the optimization of the heat pump
  • the insulation of pipelines
  • installation of panel heating systems, low-temperature radiators and heat accumulators in the building or close to the building (on the building site)
  • measurement, control and regulation technology

The installation of…


in existing buildings to increase the energy efficiency of the building, such as an energy-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning system.

  • Installation, replacement or optimization of ventilation and air-conditioning systems including heat/cold recovery
  • Installation of measurement, control and regulation technology to achieve a building automation level of at least class B according to DIN V 18599-11
  • Refrigeration technology for room cooling
  • Installation of energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Up to 20 percent saving

Heat from renewable


Private individuals and companies that switch to a heating system with renewable energies receive high government subsidies within the framework of the Federal Promotion for Efficient Buildings – Individual Measures (BEG EM) at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)

  • For building networks and for connection to a heating network, the saving is
  • 30 percent if the building network or district heating network achieves a share of renewable energies of at least 55 percent, and
  • 35 percent if the building network or district heating network achieves a renewable energy share of at least 65 percent.

Plants for…


  • Heat pump, pellet heating, hybrid heating, gas condensing heating (Renewable Ready) or solar thermal systems, gas hybrid heating systems, biomass heating systems 20 to 45 percent saving
  • Measures for heating optimization hydraulic balancing including replacement of heating pumps) 20 percent saving

Promotion of


All Smart Living applications that contribute to optimizing energy operation and consumption or to improving the grid efficiency of technical systems will be financing, if you are eligible.

The saving vary,

  • for new construction between 15 and 25 percent,
  • and between 25 and 45 percent for renovations,

Implementation support for


saving is also available for specialist energy planning and construction support services in connection with the implementation of individual  measures. For eligible costs of energy-related planning and construction support, the saving is up to 50 percent Max.

Residential buildings (WG):

  • maximum 5,000 euros for detached and semi-detached houses and
  • a maximum of 2,000 euros per residential unit for multi-family houses.