Without investment risk sustainable energy costs of buildings by…



  • The contractor finances and implements the energy efficiency measures of the client with a guaranteed energy saving and takes care of the operation and maintenance.
  • With the resulting cost savings, the contractor refinances the investment.
  • The client reduces his energy costs wit


Contractor and client conclude a contract on the investment in efficiency technology with a binding guaranteed energy saving during the contract period. These investments are refinanced through the energy costs saved in subsequent years. With this refinancing, the contractor earns his profit and the contracting party, also known as the client, reduces his energy costs without investment and additional costs.

  • The annual savings target is determined by a detailed analysis of the current energy and cost profiles and the possibilities for system modernization or maintenance optimization.
  • If the guaranteed annual cost savings are not achieved, the contractor covers the shortfall
  • If the savings exceed the guaranteed value, both parties share the surplus


The BAFA support program “Consulting for Energy Saving Contracting” supports applicants in obtaining independent and at the same time qualified contracting consulting in order to uncover energy saving potentials.

The aim of the support program is to implement energy saving projects through contracting. Therefore, in a first step, EPB-Consulting, as a project developer approved by BAFA, examines your properties and facilities to determine whether they are suitable for efficiency measures in the course of contracting and, at the same time, prepares recommendations for the most target-oriented energy-saving model (so-called orientation consulting). In addition, we accompany you from the tender to the implementation of the project.

What are typical implementation measures that an…


Measures are for example:

  • The replacement of the heating system
  • An upgrade of the ventilation
  • The replacement of inefficient pumps
  • The optimization or installation of a building control system
  • The replacement of a fan or even the use of energy-efficient lights

The holistic analysis approach is specifically aimed at correctly technically dimensioning systems and thereby sustainably reducing investment costs, electricity and CO2 emissions.

Why is it worth….


  • As a contractor you neither invest money, nor do you need a credit.
  •  Contractor (client) has or needs no resources for planning (human, financial, know how)
  • Contractor finances the efficiency measure and takes care of the operation and maintenance.
  • With the refinancing the contractor earns his profit and the contractor reduces his energy costs without investment and additional costs (incl. possibly further cost savings, e.g. with water) Failure to achieve savings
  • If contractor fails to achieve savings, the customer still receives the agreed financial savings, i.e. has no financial risk
  •  Profitability remains
  • The investment budget specified by the contractor is fixed, changes are for the benefit / at the expense of the contractor, but not for the customer.
  • In order to take into account potential additional costs, a flat-rate surcharge of 10% (confirmed by empirical values) is added to the planned investment costs.

After the BAFA-supported contracting orientation consulting, comes the ….


In the implementation we accompany you in the tendering process starting with the organization, documents, announcement and awarding processes.

We support the drafting of the contract with the ESC contractor, the preparation of the energy cost baseline, modification of the savings guarantee contract, preparation and evaluation of the tender competition, bid evaluation, moderation of the award negotiations, preparation of an award recommendation and monitoring of the detailed analysis. If desired, we take over the monitoring of the implemented measures during the contract period and beyond.


One of the prerequisites for funding is that the applicants are owners of the properties or real estate that are to be the subject of consulting. The energy costs must be at least 100,000 euros (gross). So that the energy cost limit is reached, a so-called “pooling” can also take place. For this purpose, various interested parties must join together to form a pool.


Call or write us and benefit from our many years of expertise.  As an authorized ESC consultant (project developer), we offer contracting orientation consulting to check the suitability of your buildings and properties. On request, we will be happy to assist you in the implementation and selection of the right contractor for you.

  • BAFA takes over 80 percent of the eligible consulting costs for you.