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will increasingly define our urban landscape.

Save energy costs with subsidized investment in your own charging infrastructure and fleet operations. No matter if you are a private person, car dealer, hotelier, fleet manager or owner of a company and increase your turnover.

We advise you and accompany you until the implementation of your electromobility project.


An important criterion for or against the purchase of a new car is ,besides the cost of acquisition and financing, especially the maintenance costs. Assuming your previous vehicles currently have a consumption of 6-7 liters per 100 km, you pay about 10 euros per vehicle per 100 km.

In comparison, the electricity consumption of the Nissan Leaf in the ADAC test was 22.7 kWh per 100 km, at 30 cents per kWh of electricity, about 7 euros per 100 km.


  • With a freshly charged battery, many electric cars can now cover 350 kilometers and more.
  • With a range of around 600 kilometers, the Tesla Model X (565 km) leads the field.

A household AC outlet with a wallbox provides about 3.6 to 22 kilowatts of charging power with a charging time of about 2 to 4 hours.

However, if you also use self-produced electricity, for example from a photovoltaic system, you can reduce your ongoing electricity costs even further.

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KfW provides low-interest loans and a climate grant to support companies that convert their vehicle fleets to e-mobility. The funding can be combined with BAFA’s environmental bonus and regional subsidies. In addition, you benefit from tax savings.

  • We advise you and accompany you until the implementation of your electromobility project.

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In supermarkets, the cost of electricity accounts for around five to nine percent of total costs. This is the result of a study by the supermarket chain “aktiv&irma”. Due to this cost structure, supermarket owners are called upon to increase energy efficiency and to act in an energy-conscious manner. With an energy management system from EPB-CONSULTING there are new possibilities to optimize the energy supply and reduce your energy costs. For example, electric commercial vehicles can be integrated into the intelligent energy supply system and charged efficiently.

In addition, dynamic provision of e-charging stations for customer vehicles is recommended and even mandatory for newly built supermarkets according to the EU Building Efficiency Directive. Self-produced electricity from photovoltaic systems and commercial storage round off the overall energy concept on site.

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Möchten Sie Ihre Wettberwerb position stärken und eine neue Kunden-Generation mit dem Angebot einer klimaneutraler Übernachtungen ansprechen ?

Dann kontaktieren Sie uns und lassen Sie uns mit unseren intelligenten und Nachhaltigkeitslösungen Ihnen beratend zur Seite stehen. Wir prüfen für Ihr Vorhaben die passende Förderung und helfen Ihnen die CO₂-Bilanz des Hotels durch moderne Technik möglichst gering zu halten. Hotelgäste, die ein E-Auto haben und es aufladen müssen, finden in Ihrem Hotel damit den idealen Aufenthaltsort.


  • Added value through experts, knowledge and solution
  • Sustainable energy cost reduction
  • Increase of energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions of your fleet
  • Image gain for your company
  • Intelligent energy and load management of tomorrow


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We will assist you in setting up your intelligent charging infrastructure for e-fleets, which is individually tailored to your possibilities and needs and is completely resource and cost efficient in the process.