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Commercial Building

Life Cycle and Energy Assessment of Building Renovation Measures as well as Sustainable  Construction helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce Co2 footprint. This will reduce your energy costs, increase your competitiveness and protect the climate.

Benefits of energy and..

sustainable consulting …

All the benefits at a glance An energy consultant ..

  • determines where and how much energy you can save
  • gives you a complete overview of your building and its weak points
  • shows you how economical the various energy saving possibilities are
  • suggests concrete measures to save energy
  • reduce Co2 footprint and Taxes
  • Extend Life of building
  • maintained comfort and health in Building
  • reduce operating cost of Building during the life cycles

Why seek advice?

Saving energy pays off for your company. Energy efficiency means lower costs for electricity, heat and cooling, increased competitiveness and an important contribution to climate protection, which will help you to position yourself sustainably and permanently.

Energy consultancy for existing non-residential buildings and new constructions is promoted, which makes it possible to integrate energy efficiency and renewable energies into the planning and decision-making processes and thus to exploit the efficiency potentials at the most convenient time for each individual.

You will find the most economical measures to save energy with the help of an energy consultant. As a medium-sized company, municipality, non-profit organization or non-SME, you do not have to bear the cost of the expert’s advice alone.

The amount of the grant is 80% of the eligible consultancy fee, with a maximum of 8,000 euros. The exact amount depends on the net floor area of the building concerned:

  • Net floor area less than 200 m2: Maximum grant of 1,700 euros
  • Net floor area between 200 m2 and 500 m2: Maximum grant of 5,000 euros
  • Net floor area over 500 m2: Maximum grant of 8,000 euros

An eligible energy renovation concept shows how a non-residential building can be

  1. can be comprehensively modernized energy-wise, step by step, over a long period of time, by means of coordinated measures (renovation plan) or
  2. how the standard of a KfW-subsidized efficient building can be achieved through a complete renovation (one-step renovation).New building consultancy for non-residential buildings is encouraged if the goal is a federally subsidized efficient house.