Energy Saving and supply..


The eligible measures of energy-saving contracting are divided into several phases:

  •  Assessment of Energy saving contracting opportunity
  •  Analysis of financing for energy projects through energy  saving contracting
  • Tender consultation and evaluation
  • Implementation consulting

The aim is to support properties or facilities owned to finance their energy  efficiency improvement measure with the saving occurred during renovation and retrofit without investing the own capital.



In the course of several consulting phases, energy performance contracting identifies technical and organizational potential for increasing operational energy efficiency and develops a plan for exploiting this potential. The planning, financing and implementation of suitable measures is undertaken by a specialized energy service provider – a so-called contractor. As an independent and qualified consultant, the contractor receives a share of the energy costs saved.

You benefit from:

  • Participation in the success of the energy-saving measures without economic risk through guaranteed energy savings
  • More capital for investment in your core business, since you do not have to make any investments as a result
  • Better support by tapping savings potentials through the support of experienced energy efficiency experts

Let us determine the amount of your


  • Your  annual energy costs will determine your saving potential and the  amounts of the eligible consulting fee.
  • Let us check your  annual energy costs of the building or pool of buildings and create for you an energy concept  to analyze your saving potential and support to get your projects financing without any capital.



In this initial consultation round, a complete analysis of the interested party’s properties and facilities is carried out. The project developer identifies potential for saving energy, draws up financing concepts and makes recommendations on suitable measures. The bottom line is an analysis of whether energy-saving contracting is at all profitable in the given case or whether another form of contracting should be used. At the same time, the consultation is intended to provide decision-making aids in the choice of the aforementioned models in comparison with in-house implementation.

The grant for an orientation consultation amounts to 80 percent of the eligible consulting expenses (i.e. the net consulting fee) up to 2,000 euros.



If the results of the orientation consultation are positive, the next phase is concrete planning. During implementation consulting, the contractor works with the applicant to develop a concept for implementing the desired project in the best possible way: from the structure to the invitation to tender to the final signing of the contract.

The BMWi supports implementation consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises with a grant of 30 percent of the net consulting fee up to an amount of 7,500 euros.



If, however, the orientation consultation shows that the planned project can be realized more efficiently by means of another form of contracting, a tender consultation will follow instead of the implementation consultation. In this case, the project developer takes over the preparation and implementation of the tender for the applicant.

Tender consulting is also eligible for funding of 30 percent of the net consulting fee (maximum 2,000 euros).



  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Municipalities and municipal companies and institutions
  • Non-profit organizations and religious communities

Funding for energy-saving contracting is only possible if a project developer approved by BAFA carries out the corresponding consultations.



Many buildings and companies have a high potential for energy saving.

Nevertheless, various obstacles such as lack of expertise, lack of budget or shyness about the financial risk often stand in the way of increasing energy efficiency in buildings or companies. We help you as a specialized contracting orientation consulting in the context of an energy savings contracting to master this challenge.

As an accredited energy efficiency expert for federal funding programs, we first provide you with a free initial consultation, clarify your funding entitlements and actively accompany you through all project phases – from planning to implementation and follow-up.