Manage your


and efficiency data across your organization and reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%.

Build a sustainability strategy with us or let us evaluate your existing strategy more effectively on ways to make your energy supply greener.

We can help you introduce the use of green energy, increase the efficiency of your operation, reduce the cost of energy, ensure the reliability of energy supply.


What are the challenges to integrating an energy and sustainability in your business?

  • Continuous rise in electricity prices
  • Inefficient buildings with potential for savings
  • Digital transformation of processes to reduce operating costs
  • Reliable power supply to avoid downtime
  • Use of environmental energy for heat supply and CO2 reduction
  • Increasing energy efficiency in companies
  • Energy procurement and sustainability management


What are the benefits of energy and sustainability for your business?

  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs through digital transformation
  • Entry into climate protection and CO2 reduction through energy and sustainability management
  • Increase energy efficiency in companies to reduce costs, increase margins and strengthen competitiveness.
  • Avoiding expensive energy purchases and downtime
  • Use of environmental energy for heat supply and CO2 reduction
  • Increasing the value and reducing the consumption costs of your building by increasing efficiency
  • Securing of tax advantages (peak compensation and EE apportionment) with voluntary audit or introduction of DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Strengthening of the image and external impact by entering the Kilmaschutz and fulfillment of the sustainability class

Which sustainable energy technologies are the most suitable for your


Whether it’s photovoltaics, wind turbines, biomass projects, combined heat and power, and other on-site renewables, find out the sustainable energy technologies that make the most sense for you so you can

  • Achieve your sustainability goals
  • Get a good return on your sustainability projects
  • Ensure and improve your security of supply

Your sustainability efforts should result in a visible reduction of your CO2 emissions. We support your company in implementing energy controlling for this purpose.

Energy-optimized and future-oriented renovation…


An energy-optimized building includes insulation, the right technology and also the selection of the appropriate green energy solutions.

Compared to conventional modernizations, an energy-optimized renovation as well as smart building offers significant advantages.


  • Up to 20 percent reduction in energy costs.
  • Various ways to optimize the energy efficiency of houses of older design
  • Short payback period depending on the measure as well as savings and financing models
  • Use of non-refundable state subsidies
  • Protection of the environment and improvement of the living comfort
  • Achievement of high resale values by value increase after the reorganization

The future and progress in your own home…


A smart and sustainable building adapts to any individual living situation, wishes and considers the use of local resources.

We accompany German and international architects to their innovative smart and sustainable building projects around the world.

Why smart building:

  • Smart buildings use fewer resources and detect maintenance and repair issues before they cause a service disruption
  • They ask for the opportunity to build a home for the future from the outset, because conventional electrical installation is preferred to smart building automation during the design phase
  • They offer integrated technologies and a virtual environment, changing the traditional structures of building security, safety and access control
  • Smart sensors can be used to continuously measure room occupancy, movement, lighting and indoor climate. The data thus obtained is then used to optimize energy efficiency, thermal comfort and daylight control.


Our experienced energy efficiency experts will be with you:

  • From the beginning to the completion of your project
  • We bring solid experience in the highly complex with
  •  We support you in creating sustainable added value

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We have more than 15 years of experience in making buildings as efficient, smart and comfortable as possible. And that’s exactly the experience we put at your disposal.

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