Solar Self consumption

self-generated solar power is now only about half the cost of what you pay for electricity from the utility. Therefore, self-consumption of solar energy is becoming the preferred economic model for several reasons.

This is especially attractive to industrial and commercial energy consumers because of self-consumption of the solar energy they generate.

What does self-consumption


Der Eigenverbrauch von erneuerbaren Energien aus Photovoltaik (PV) ist der Verbrauch von PV-Energie, bei dem das Gebäude PV-Strom für den eigenen Strombedarf nutzt und somit sowohl als Erzeuger als auch als Verbraucher auftritt. Bei diesem Modell wird die durch PV erzeugte Energie sofort verbraucht oder zur Überbrückung der Stromausfallzeit gespeichert.

Economic model of the…


  • Self-consumption offers greater economic benefits and better control of energy bills.
  • Self-consumption allows buildings to consume their own solar energy while limiting your energy price increases.
  • Self-consumption promises greater independence from the electricity grid and future electricity price fluctuations, as well as the possibility of bridging power outages with battery storage.