“Pay only for what you use”


With our cloud-based video systems and smart cameras, customers automatically and securely store their security data, including video and related critical data in the cloud. This does not require local servers and recorders.  Users can remotely access, download and analyze the data anytime, anywhere.

  • Strengthen your security with our cost-effective cloud-based video solution.
  • About 90 percent of enterprises now rely on cloud solutions.

What are the main features..


this is about the internet connected cameras and recorders installed on a local server.

  • Manually intensive process to support and maintain the hardware, software, firmware and configuration updates on site.
  • On-site installation of application and operating system software, configure your router, and setup of storage servers.
  • Local storage grows disproportionately as the number of cameras increases, adding to the one-time hardware costs and higher installation costs.
  • There are annual maintenance fees, configuration and update fees.
  • As soon as the device crashes, all data is gone (no backup).
  • In traditional systems, remote video access is usually not provided.

Main advantages of


  • Automatic connection of cameras and making all other settings remotely.
  • Software updates are performed automatically.
  • Video Surveillance As a Service has manageable monthly operating costs, grows with your business
  • The initial cost is low. All costs are lower ongoing monthly subscription fees because of the economies of scale of shared
  • Provide multiple days of on-site storage as a backup with additional alerts to protect against Internet loss.
  • Lower capital costs and the lower overall management costs that result from economies of scale.
  • Cloud-based systems are designed for remote access.

What are the main Possibilities and application areas of cloud based…


A cloud platform for video surveillance provides a reliable infrastructure, regulates storage needs and guarantees security and privacy In buildings, enterprises, hotels and hospitals.

Cloud solution as a link for…


The cloud centralizes and simplifies operations and maintenance. Administrators, partners or security services remotely start the automated distribution of software, firmware as well as version updates and system configurations to the on-site systems.

Modernization, retrofit and expansion for…


Cloud-native services provide institutions and companies with the opportunity to build new or expand existing video surveillance systems.

  • Expansion of existing video surveillance systems
  • Adaptation of existing infrastructure to the cloud
  • All options at lower investment
  • Building a new video surveillance system
  • Flexible storage models
  • Future proof

Benefit from our…


Homes, commercial buildings and office complexes serve very different purposes in everyday life and place correspondingly different customer-specific requirements on security systems.

Our cloud-based remote solution and customized video surveillance concept allows your company to keep all areas in the building and company under control.

How can we…


Our offerings range from the simplest general security needs to state-of-the-art smart features. After the one-time purchase of the equipment, the customer receives access to the platform with all cameras.

Charges for camera alarming or video monitoring are calculated at the end of the month.