Through electricity or heat supply contracting or….


Obtain useful energy WITHOUT investing in the generation plant.

  • If homeowners do not want to invest in a new heating system themselves, there is the possibility of contracting.
  • Applicable for new buildings and properties in the inventory


The aim of energy supply contracting is often to outsource more sophisticated technologies to a contractor, shifting the construction and operating risk and, if possible, achieving economic advantages over in-house implementation.

  • The client (owner) receives useful energy from the contractor in return for payment.
  • All risks associated with the supply lie with the contractor.
  • The client usually pays the contractor a basic price per year (investment and plant operation) and an operating price per unit of useful energy (primary energy procurement).
  • Both prices are transparently updated over the entire term of the contract via a price adjustment clause.


  • You can concentrate on your core business
  • Competent specialists take care of your plants
  • The goal is to increase energy efficiency while maintaining the same level of comfort
  • Renewal of plants goes hand in hand with energy savings
  • Energy efficiency and profitability are guaranteed
  • The contractor is responsible for operation and maintenance.
  • The client has full cost security with regard to the investments made.
  • Fair regulations on price adjustments ensure that the contractor’s remuneration is geared to price and market developments.
  • In addition, the client can save its own resources in terms of time and personnel or use them elsewhere.

Basics for the conversion of the…


If a transition to heat supply takes place within a rental property in existing tenancies, e.g. by a contractor, Section 556c of the German Civil Code (BGB) and the associated Heat Supply Ordinance (Wärmelieferverordnung) have applied since July 1, 2013.

If, according to Section 556c I BGB, the tenant has to bear the operating costs for heat or hot water and if the landlord converts the supply from self-supply to independent commercial supply by a heat supplier (heat supply), the tenant has to bear the costs of the heat supply as operating costs if

1.the heat is supplied with improved efficiency either from a new plant constructed by the heat supplier or from a heat network, and

2.the costs of heat supply do not exceed the operating costs for the previous own supply of heat or hot water.

Contractor can apply for BAFA funding for these


Examples of other facilities in energy supply/energy savings contracting:

  • “heat contracting”, “heat supply”, “heat direct service operation contracting”.
  • Lighting systems
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Ventilation systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Steam generation plants
  • Waste heat recovery plants
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems

What can we do for you ?

Implementation Consulting

In contrast to public clients, the commercial housing industry and private house owners are not bound to formal conditions for the request for proposal, so they can negotiate freely with any contracting provider.

EPB-Consulting provides the following services in the context of the development, tendering and awarding of a heat supply contract:  Project development and coordination, structural preparation of the tender, preparation of the energy cost baseline, modification of the tender documents/ savings guarantee contract, preparation and evaluation of the tender competition, bid evaluation, moderation of the award negotiations, preparation of an award recommendation and monitoring of the detailed analysis. All components are carried out in close coordination with the client.


We offer our know-how as a consultant for you.

  • Independent planner and consultant for the selection of the right concept or contractor for your specific task
  • Orientation, implementation and tender consulting Contracting


We offer our know-how for the provider to take over partial tasks such as acquisition, analysis, project planning, detailed planning, construction supervision and support.