Why targeted


Only 20% of commercial buildings built before 1980 have retrofitted lighting systems !

With the right lighting, tailored to your needs, you can save a tremendous amount of energy while increasing comfort and style.

  • Up to 90% less energy is consumed with an LED bulb to produce the same brightness as an incandescent bulb
  • Reduction of energy consumption by 30 to 40% in addition to the switch to LED technology
  • Through to low investment costs in the course of a retrofit, the investment usually pays for itself in less than two years

Which requirements


  • System luminous efficacy requirement of 140 lumens per watt for LED strip lights and 120 lumens per watt for all other lighting systems.
  • Luminous flux maintenance requirement of ≥ 80% (L80) at 50,000 hours of operation for LED luminaires and greater than or equal to 90% at 16,000 hours of operation for all other lighting types
  • Involvement of energy efficiency experts is required in these funding products

How is


  • The funding rate is 15 percent of eligible expenditures. Projects with a net investment of €20,000 or more, including installation and ancillary work, make sense for funding.
  • Eligible expenditures for energy retrofits are capped at €1,000 per square meter of net floor area, for a total maximum of €5 million each Building.
  • The subsidy is granted either as a direct grant or as a repayment subsidy for the KfW loan. The direct grant can be combined with other financing models such as leasing, installment plan or contracting.

What is

subsidized ?

  • Funding is provided for the installation of advanced lighting systems with high system luminous efficacy and high luminous flux maintenance in existing buildings.
  • The complete replacement of luminaires including other necessary ancillary work and components as well as the creation of a lighting concept are eligible for funding.
  • Daylight- or presence-dependent controls as well as controls of lighting systems can also be funded. Retrofit and replacement lamps are not eligible for funding.

Who are able to get


  • Businesses, including sole proprietors and municipal enterprises
  • Freelancers
  • Local authorities, municipal associations of municipalities and special-purpose associations
  • Legally dependent municipal enterprises of local authorities
  • Non-profit organizations including churches
  • Other legal entities under private law, including housing cooperatives

Eligibility to apply applies to owners, lessees or tenants of the land, part of the land, building or part of the building on or in which the measure is to be implemented, as well as to contractors.


We support you with

  • Eligibility check and project consulting
  • Analysis of your renovation potential
  • Preparation of a lighting design
  • Development of solution proposals
  • Implementation support