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with the Federal Subsidy for Energy-Efficient Buildings (BEG) as well as the Federal Subsidy for Energy Efficiency in the Economy (EEE) to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in your company and your buildings.

  • Up to 15 % funding for individual measures on the building envelope
  • Up to 25 % funding for the renovation of your existing building to EE class
  • Up to 35 % subsidy to increase efficiency in your production
  • Up to 35 % funding to increase the efficiency of your heating system in existing buildings
  • Go for energy-efficient ventilation and heating systems – 20 to 45 % subsidy
  • Go for LED lighting in existing buildings – up to 15 % subsidy
  • Digitally transform your building and business processes (Smart Living, MSR etc…) up to 30 % grant

BEG subsidy is free of subsidies – no proof of de-minimis required

In addition, we work success-based and do not charge you a cent if your planned measure is not eligible for funding.



The BEG is divided into a basic structure with three subprograms:

  1. Federal Support for Efficient Buildings – Residential (BEG WG).
  2. Federal support for efficient buildings – non-residential buildings (BEG NWG)
  3. Federal Promotion for Efficient Buildings – Individual Measures (BEG EM).

Replaces the existing programs to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies in the building sector – including the CO2 Building Rehabilitation Program (Energieeffizient Bauen und Sanieren programs), the Heating Optimization Program (HZO), the Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (APEE) and the Market Incentive Program for the Use of Renewable Energies in the Heating Market (MAP).

Choice between a direct grant from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) or a loan with partial debt relief (repayment grant) from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

From 2023, funding in each funding category will be provided either as a direct investment grant from BAFA or as a low-interest development loan with a repayment subsidy from KfW.




Programs to promote measures to optimize the energy efficiency of industrial and commercial processes or increase energy efficiency as well as the provision or use of heat from renewable energy in companies.

Companies applying now have the option of choosing between a direct grant from the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) or a loan with partial debt relief (repayment subsidy) from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

The subsidy program offers a wide scope for the implementation of a suitable subsidy solution for the companies and is open to all technologies and permissible for all companies and industries.

Individual measures in


  • For non-residential buildings: refrigeration technology for room cooling; air conditioning systems
  • For non-residential buildings: installation of energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Installation, replacement or optimization of ventilation and air-conditioning systems including heat/cold recovery
  • For non-residential buildings: Installation of measurement and control technology to achieve a building automation level of at least Class B in accordance with DIN V 18599-11.

Individual measures on the building envelope

  • Insulation of the building envelope (of exterior walls, roof surfaces, floor ceilings and floor surfaces), as well as renewal / preparation of curtain walls
  • Replacement of windows, exterior doors and gates
  • Summer thermal insulation through replacement or first-time installation of external sunshade systems with optimized daylighting supply
  • Individual measures for heat generation systems (heating technology).

Efficiency house classes in…


Funding is provided for the energetic refurbishment and initial purchase of existing buildings, which after completion of the refurbishment measure for the first time the energetic level of an efficiency house:

  • 85 /85 EE – grant 5/10 %, from max. 120.000/150000 € eligible costs
  • 70 /70 EE – grant 10/15 %, from max. 120.000/150000 € eligible costs
  • 55 /55 EE – grant 15/20 %, from max. 120.000/150000 € eligible costs
  • 40 /40 EE – grant 20/25 %, of max. 120.000/150000 € eligible costs

Individual renovation measures (BAFA) – grants from 10 to 30 % , Max. 60,000 euros renovation costs per year and residential unit!

An “Efficiency House EE” class can be achieved in new construction as well as in an old building renovation, if renewable energies provide a share of at least 65 percent of the energy demand required for the heating and cooling supply of the building.

Efficiency house classes in…


Funding is provided for the construction (new construction) and the initial purchase of newly constructed energy-efficient residential buildings, which meet the energy level of an efficiency house:

  •  40 EE – repayment subsidy for subsidized loans 10%, max. 120.000 €
  • 40 + and 40 NH – repayment subsidy for subsidy loans 10 % , max. 150 k€
  • An “Efficiency House NH” class can be achieved for a new building if a sustainability certificate is issued for an efficiency house. A combination of EE class and sustainability class is not possible.

In the case of the sustainability package (NH package), the accredited certification body must confirm with a sustainability certificate that the measure complies with the requirements of the “Sustainable Building” quality seal of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs.



Residential buildings:

Costs for specialized planning and construction support services are eligible for up to 10,000 euros per commitment/grant notice and calendar year for single- and two-family houses. For multi-family buildings with three or more residential units, the maximum limit relating to this is 4,000 euros per residential unit, up to a total of 40,000 euros per commitment/notification of grant and calendar year.

Non-residential buildings:

Construction support is provided up to an invoice amount of 10 euros per square meter of net floor area, max. 40,000 euros per project in which a new efficiency building level is achieved. You will receive 50% of this as a grant, i.e. up to 20,000 euros.

Sustainability certification

We support sustainability certification with an additional grant if you achieve an efficiency building level 40 or 55 with sustainability class. The same maximum amounts apply as for construction monitoring – you also receive 50% of this as a grant.

Why do you need an..

Energy Financing expert ?

In order to receive a grant in the funding programs “Bundesförderung für effiziente Gebäude (BEG)” or “Bundesförderförderung für Energieeffizienz in der Wirtschaft (EEW)“, companies must submit an application to BAFA or KFW.

An energy efficiency expert approved by BAFA must be involved in the application process. Our qualified energy consultants have all the required accreditation and will help you avoid mistakes.

In addition, we work on a success basis and will not charge you a cent if your planned measure is not eligible for funding.

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