The EU started 2022 with the Ukrainian crisis which has strong impacts on energy markets. Oil prices are reaching record elevated levels and, more generally, the surge in energy prices that started in 2021 is a key driver pushing inflation to unprecedented levels in the past decade.
To reduce energy costs for consumers and businesses, smart technologies (such as the Internet of Things, IoT) will play an important role in monitoring electricity consumption.

Smart technology is the term used to describe devices that are connected to the internet and provide collected data to an energy cloud services platform for analysis.

Cloud based Energy Monitoring  benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring in real-time: Using smart technology means you have a continuous view of the energy use within your building. Data collected by the sensors is fed back to a central dashboard and, at any given point in time, you can see the energy usage picture across your building or organisation, meaning you always have a clear picture of your energy consumption
  • Ability to make instant changes: You can react instantly to implement changes to reduce energy usage as you have an overview of areas of high energy usage. It helps to identify things like machines left running when they shouldn’t be or equipment that isn’t performing as efficiently as it should be and may need maintenance.
  • Helps ensure a consistent, reliable power supply: By monitoring the energy flowing into and out of machinery you can spot potential issues before they arise, for example surges in demand at particular times, and put plans in place to change these.
  • Reporting and planning becomes easier: Data produced by the systems means you can easily produce reports on energy usage – something that will be crucial when being measured against ambitious energy-saving targets. Being able to monitor usage trends also means you can look at specific machinery, rooms or offices and develop action plans for energy reduction.
  • It helps with staff engagement: Being able to produce data which shows people exactly what impact changes are having is a useful tool in making sure everyone in the business plays their part in reducing energy use.
  • It’s flexible:  It means you can scale up and down as your needs change without having spent vast sums of money on expensive IT equipment.
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